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Thanks Apotheosis, I only recently read the alarming potential side effects of those particular drugs and was truely shocked.
I keenly await the result of their debate, should make for interesting reading.
Why there isn't a global authority that provides ONGOING/UNBIASED research and statistics on the long/short term side effects of these drugs and global statistics of their efficacy is beyond me.
It always shocks me how alot of weight of the evidence and research of effects and efficacy seems to come from the drug companies themselves, when they are likely to have a very biased point of view, however much they appear to be 'regulated'. You only have to think back to last year when scientists uncovered that the manufacturers of prozac purposefully hid a study they had undertaken that revealed in some cases prozac was no better than a placebo.


It always shocks me how alot of weight of the evidence and research of effects and efficacy seems to come from the drug companies themselves, when they are likely to have a very biased point of view...
This is the problem I see with Bio-Medical psychiatry - it goes hand in hand with the pharmaceutical industry. It is not impartial. We are talking about Billions in profit. Eli Lilly earn in excess of 60 Million Dollars a week, net profit; in sales of Prozac alone. We aren't talking peanuts.

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Pharmaceutical companies in my opinion appear to be the mafia of the health system. I have no interest in American politics but I had no idea about Bush's relationship with the CEO of Ely Lilli and the influence of the Homelands Security Act had on the subsequent trials, surely there should have been an independent regulatory body that would prevent that from happening. Perhaps having a new American President is what prompted the debate in your first post. However the practice mentioned in your second site of marketing directly to depressed persons did not include their practice of marketing to GPs. I remember going to the GPs and seeing Ely Lillys, cups, coasters, note pads etc everywhere, and that was just the material i could see, who knows what else they furnished them with. I do remember this being in the news and hope that there is now legislation that stops what in my opinion could be termed as bribes from pharmaceutical companies from happening. Thanks for your post this is most interesting :)


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Sep 22, 2008
Eli lilly make olanzapine which is my medication.


Apr 26, 2009
I never new that the atypical antipsychotics could cause all of that. In a sence the typical antipsychotics would seem more preferable. I currently take stelazine and it seems to be working with no side effects at all.(stelazine is an older antipsychotic) Ofcourse its different for everyone.

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