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laxative abuse recovery help



New member
Apr 15, 2020
hi all. I am making the decision to stop abusing laxatives. I have been taking laxatives for almost two years, never more the one per day. I am hoping people can let me know how I should expect my body to react. I’m very active and I am prepared to stay very hydrated throughout this process. I am hoping for some positive news, a lot of what I’ve read about recovery sounds painful. If there are any tips on how I can make recovery easier, I’m all ears !


Active member
Apr 13, 2020
I had personal experience from this.
I abused laxatives for many years.
I went cold turkey at first and honestly I couldn't go at all for days.
I try drinking a lot of water, and eating more fibre but basically nothing was working.
Then I used enemas, it worked, so I will do it may every 3 days just so my stomach is not massively bloated.
However I wasn't having any natural bowel movements at all.
Then I started taking laxatives twice a week.
And then I tapered it down to once a week.
Then once every two weeks.
In this process, my digestive system began to work again.
It took at least three/four months, but I am now completely clean from laxatives, and have regular bowel movements.
I can tell you its really hard to start with, and you are going to freak out gaining weight, but just remember it's not real and keep going.
Recovery is possible.
I was completely hopeless that my body just gave up on me, but here I am, clean for the first time in years.

Flying di

New member
Feb 8, 2021
Just joined this site as I am desperately trying to get off 50 years of laxative abuse - feel it may be to late, have to take a horrendous concoction every day to get bowels moving, increased over time, the bowel is so lazy, have tried cold turkey, never go after 8 days, no sensation to have Bowel action any more, so distended I can hardly move and whole cycle starts again, can’t go out as so bloated, ashamed and embarrassing, no one knows, stems back to child hood abuse whereby I was scared to visit toilet as considered dirty as a child, mother horrified by soiled nappies apparently! Feel better for writing this down, can’t go to GP , have had several haemorrhoidectomy in the past.

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