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Late night thoughts



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Feb 3, 2020
London, Uk
Up all night. Thinking about the future. In a few months. New president. Or the same president here in America.

This C19... Stuff is scary. All of my business calculations are poised to overcome an uncertain future.

Each day I work hard. I have fun. My kids are learning online. Time is quickly progressing into the new year.

I plan to move overseas where my company will be developing new products and services. But every once in a while. We all have second thoughts.

I have the opportunity to travel to several places. In each place. There are potential business partners trying to convince me, to go here... Go there.

But. I am just praying on it.

Before the pandemic. I was a bit stressed. Even worried.

A few people I worked with. Were offensive. Abusive. And rude.

At that time. I was busting my chops saving money for another business.

Some of those people reached back out.

It made me realize how far I have come. None of those people are people I would ever be around.

It made me think thoroughly about building a place here. If I decided to stay.

At times like this. You think about everything.

I have a portfolio of small investments. All of these dividends, yield the cash flow for my biggest portfolio.

It is my technology company.

Since I designed a particular product. I have seen numerous clones already hit the open market.

I have revised my product and incorporated much more advanced features. What I calculated as a 36 month time frame. Looks more like 18 months. To 2 years.

The actual process has been the most rewarding. I tried to tell everyone I could about it. I tried to get many many people on board. But it back fired.

I even had issues with family members.

I still have plans to go overseas to over see final production. I even considered launching it before all expectations.

But every once in a while. We hit a slump.

Today is just one moment that I am thinking...

I have several ideas but must choose one. Moving is good for my business. But challenging for my family.

At the same time. Will I sacrifice more than everything else; for this dream?

I am already heavily invested. But more than my capital drives me.

I believe in my heart that I can save lives.

In all honesty. Most key competitors have offered me top positions in their businesses.

The pay is decent. That is only financing to continue my research. That research grows my company. I am less than one year and a half from launching this company publicly.

I have plans to exit the company within a good time frame. And move on from there to my next investment.

Emotionally. I feel lonely. This final investment I will complete alone. I had years of bad business partnerships.

I committed to doing everything solo. Everything is a day to day challenge. But by my faith I pull through.

I hope this helps you.

I have to aim higher every day. No matter what.

Success can sometimes feel like abandonment.

In my mind. I am already looking for new cars to add to my collection.

But I know. That it is not the way to deal with my solitude. Or my quantum solace...

God Bless.


Lab rat

Well-known member
Feb 6, 2020
Glad things are going so well for you 🍺

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