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Last Update For Good!



Active member
Dec 15, 2017
London, UK
Hi All

Here is the link of my previous story.


So after finally getting a hold of this guy. We sat down to have a chat.

He informed me he only told me what I wanted to hear via needing time and space to think about working on his commitment. Doesn't want commitment.

Told me he doesn't want to commit to me nor anyone ever. Said he is willing to give things another go. His willing to see how things go. He doesn't mind dating and hanging out. But only wants companionship and not looking for love. Said he doesn't love me. Just only sees me as a close friend. Isn't looking for love.

Said he finds it diffciult to text, phone and iniate plans when he knows I love him. Would find it a lot easier if I didn't love him.

Said he stopped coming over to my house as I was pressuring him into having sex everytime he came over.

Said his rubbish at close relationships and doesn't have much experience. However, friendships work better for him.

He enjoys going to the pub. However, most times prefers to stay indoors.

Either I accept to dating him which only comes with hanging out and compantionship. Or I walk away?


Well-known member
Aug 1, 2018
Hey there.

I would say walk away. Sticking around as friends is not going to be good for you, especially if he knows that he can get a reaction out of you and keep you "on the hook" and you want more.

A friend went through something similar and it incited a lot of daily anxiety and then serious bouts of depression.

Eventually she cut him out (hard as they work together) and has moved on with life as a whole.

I have found similar and cold turkey is often the only way. Otherwise subconsciously you will always want more and hope that it may become something else.
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