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Lashed out



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Jul 9, 2013
This morning I just lost it with my mum. It was over something silly, but I was just so agitated and when she said she would be happier if I moved out I just lost it. I was shouting, punching doors, basically throwing an adult tantrum. I haven’t lost my temper like that in a while, and I just feel so disgusted with myself. I had a borderline rage in front of my younger siblings and feel ashamed, it feels like I’m the negative influence in my families life and that they would be better off without me, I’m just so angry with myself
its good that youre able to reflect on yourself and feel regret about the temper outburst....this shows you want to change, this is good, you show you want to do something about it....

i used to have anger issues myself so i can relate and understand