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Feb 18, 2018
my landlord is taking me to court for not keeping up with my bedroom tax. i can confirm to you - i am up to date with my rent, although by choice i pay it a month in arrears [cause they're a bunch of pricks]. they claim i have invalidated my tenancy? They are screwing me right down to rock bottom. i can't wait to leave this place!

i feel personally attacked by my landlord and my counsellors, my present counsellor [i won't name him in case he's innocent...], clearly does not support me - i guess he has problems at home or at work, i don't know?

i know people look at me with envy being on the sick and that lark, but i still maintain = i am tired of this town bulling me down to rock bottom with their constant accusations and campaigns against people like me who are working hard to maintain their health in this environment.

you know what? i want to be leave this place and become a farmer. i know every farmer in this area, so why not? it's just the ticket for me, so here goes = wish me luck internet friends! i am going to be a mc vities chocolate digestive!



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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
If you change your mind about being a farmer (it's a tough life.. early mornings and working every day of the year).. have you contacted Citizen's Advice about your situation?

Do you have any family that support you that could go with you?

I thought bedroom tax was payed to the council and so isn't really our landlord's business? I could be wrong, but it doesn't seem to add up that they're taking you to court. :unsure: