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Lack of motivation, interest, self worth, etc. How can I change?



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Mar 5, 2015
I'm an 18 year old girl and I've just been dealing with, what is supposedly depression. For the past 5-6 months, I have had absolutely no motivation to go out, even get dressed, take a shower, or get ready for the day. I was attending public high school and just recently decided not to care so much about it. A couple days ago, I was kicked out for my attendance since I pretty much never showed up. I made a decision to be homeschooled which my parents consistently give me crap about because they don't think I'll graduate at all. After I noticed something was detrimentally wrong, I figured that a little introspection couldn't hurt. I came to the conclusion that I feel like I've lost myself, after 3 years of building up a lot of confidence. When I went to school, no one talked to me and always thought I was weird because I didn't have the same interests. I'm interested in things like Astrology, mental health, interesting facts, etc. Things that a normal teenage girl would think are irrelevant. I feel like this lack of motivation is taking a toll on my relationship. I've been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years and I've been arguing with him more than lately and asking for a lot of sympathy instead of thinking rationally about our argument. I guess in essence, I've developed a routine every week/weekend and maybe I'm getting bored of everything but I have no drive to fix anything because I don't know where to start. I want to get a job and start my life as an adult, but something is holding me back from doing it and I can tell I'm losing my sanity.

My family and friends started giving up on my future and I feel like I have to. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety and I've been taking some medication but I'm starting to think that maybe only I can fix this problem myself, I just have to gain the drive. I've tried seeking help from my boyfriend, friends and even professional help but after a while they seem like they get tired of hearing the same thing all the time and instead talk about themselves (with the exception of the professional). I understand sometimes they try to relate, but I need someone to tell me what the hell happened. Has anyone ever dealt with this before? Is it an age thing? If so, how can I change it, find my happiness again and gain the motivation to get my life together? All responses are appreciated, thanks in advance!
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Jan 15, 2013
Hi and :welcome: to the forum.

I was thinking, is there any kind of groups around that revolves around your interests? You can possibly might some like minded people and maybe even some around your age?

It's hard when you have different interests to other people and trying to make them understand them.

I'm sorry that your parents aren't being supportive. I think you might need to sit down with your parents and try and figure out things around your education and try and have a search around for a proper homeschool tutor for you.

Maybe also your meds might not be right for you, have you thought of trying to do a little tweak? Keep on talking to the professonal that you have been seeing and maybe start by trying to work out together what to do maybe?

I hope you can sort out things with your boyfriend. Maybe he doesn't know what to do or say to help. Other halves can get frustrated sometimes because they want to help so much but just don't know how to. I'm not saying that is your fault though.

Take a look round the forum and see whether you can find some information that may help.

Marliee x