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Kundalini psychosis (spiritual implications)



New member
May 2, 2020
Hi there,
I was in the midst of spiritual awakening the last few years - lots and lots of old wound healing and old fears arising to be released.... and then about 2 months the ago some fear came up and I just started panicking, forgot to just observe/release it. Swung between anxiety/ego identity issues and love/bliss. The swings got more intense. Constant Insomnia, and crown chakra opening way out of control/travelling crazy astral dimensions. Some light some dark
Then a month later had a delusion I was supposed to leave the planet to join this guy in freedom (who i considered my guru but then realized he mentally manipulated me)
And so I made a suicide attempt which made things worse....felt demonic presence, demonic paranoia, felt so neurotic and inner critic so loud, but sometimes I’d feel like myself again and just burst into tears thinking it was all over. But then go to bed and wake up in terror.
At the moment the fear is still coming up even though I’m on meds (seriously)
And it feels like it’s making my head spin more and more and making me notice every little thing I do. Always watching. And I have no idea who I am anymore- all that occupies my mind is obsessions- with the recent event, with spiritual solutions, with my old self
any shared experiences...?


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Mar 31, 2020
Christianity F'd me up! I hate religion. But that's a whole other topic. :peace: