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Kleptomaniac? ...Please Help



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Mar 5, 2008
Hi everyone!! I am a college student and I am really really concerned about my roommate. She's always been a "mooch" depending on others for things like clothes, toiletries, shoes, jackets, etc. However, this year I have seen this behavior magnified tenfold. She has lately been stealing food from places like gas stations and has constantly owed me money for things. The biggest issue nevertheless has been stealing both mine and my other roommate's underware: wearing them, getting her period in them sometimes, and hiding them in various strange places such as her desk drawer, pillow case, closet, etc. I have told her not to wear my clothes, especially a certain pair of pants that she continually wears despite my anger. After I lecture her she promises to change, yet she continues to do it. After finding this underware in addition to everything else I'm at the end of my wits and am really concerned. Could she be a kleptomaniac?

Some background of her personality....
she is a pretty girl but has always been extremely self conscious because she never had a boyfriend until this college year. She has made negative comments to me about her weight, hair, chest, and confidence. She has stated to me before that she has some OCD tendencies and I also have reason to believe that she throws up her food sometimes. She comes from a good family, which is why I am so confused with her behavior. Also, it is puzzling that she would risk our friendship for these thefts since we are best friends....help!


No one on here could say whether your room mate is a kleptomaniac or make any other sort of diagnosis without being qualified to do so or without talking to her. That's for someone in the non-cyber world to do.

She could be just someone who refuses to recognize boundaries and enjoys taking risks, someone who doesn't really care about consequences. There are such people and it doesn't necessarily make them ill, just frustrating.

If you have these concerns it would be best to talk to a counsellor at college, someone who is in the same set up and can see what's going on. Take care.



Your friend does seem to have a problem. I have no experience of kleptomania. You say she comes from a good family - whatever that may mean. It could be a good financial family or a good loving family or both!
Do you know the family or any family member that you could speak to about your concerns.?
If you are at college is there a bursar or welfare officer or whatever they call them these days? You could speak to them about it. Or if you just want to get out of the situation ask to have another room at the college, or find new lodgings.
I don't somehow get the impression that advising your friend to see a doctor or someother professional would be accepted by her. I am sure it is very worrying and unpleasant for you. I hope these comments help, and that you can find someone to look at the situation and take some action.
Best wishes:unsure:


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Jan 2, 2008
Central E. Coast, US
Lock it!

I was wondering if there was a way you could secure your belongings. That is to put a lock on a cabinet, etc.
If not, you will have to warn her that she is going too far taking your things like she does. I also feel that if her questionable actions persist, you may have to take it up with the admin.
I have had similar experiences in the service (Navy) & had had the need to "rat" on a shipmate for stealing my belongings.

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