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Kind of new to this and not sure if i am in the right place



Hi i just joined this and was wondering if someone can help me. For over a year ive found myself biting or chewing my tongue when i walk past people as i feel as though they are staring at me and judging. Its like i quickly look straight down and just start biting my tongue when i walk past them and i dnt think this is right. Is this an anxiety or am i like off my head here?



Don't harm yourself. This is most important.

People are very likely to take note of you and any other person they pass. Though you cannot know what they think, unless they tell you. Perhaps you feel that you have things to say, if only to yourself. Yet you chew your tongue because they are strangers, and it would be inappropriate; or because you do not know what to say, but feel the need to express yourself.

Try listening to the radio: some good quality arts programme. Also, read some art criticism, you can find this in certain newspapers and in Arts magazines. I suggest this because doing so will give you a greater capacity for language. This will help you to say what you wish to say.


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Jun 4, 2010
SW England
Try being friendly, smile or just nod at them. Try saying "good morning" to the first few people you meet. I did and it gave me more confidence. Most people reply.

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