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Just wanting to vent if that's okay



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Jan 1, 2021
Hi I've been reading this and I had someone in my life whom I loved. I though I loved him anyway, he could be so nice but than he would turn cold as ice. He was a Dr Jeckel and Mr Hyde type. He abused me emotionally, I loved him so I let him. One time he threatened me saying I was stalking him, lol! He lived in another state and I never went there. He lied to me making promises he didn't keep. He finally stopped all communication with me with no explanation. Your husband sounds a little like him. He needs to grow up and the way he treats you is UNACCEPTABLE. The man I told you about broke my heart and I'll never be the same, never. I let him out of love and loneliness I wish you good luck, would marriage counseling help?
Hey, thank you for taking the time to repond.

I don't really know - I am a problem which I know, but he is no saint either. I just feel unable to point out the things that bother me about him - because I have BPD I feel like the little things that annoy me are just nothing so I don't pursue them. But the resentment has eventually built all the same. I think that if we broke up, it would be a situation where I never date again because I had everything and was stupid enough to let it go. Not only that, but I am being reminded of how much of a blight I am on others' lives. Sometimes I wish I had died. Life has it's good parts but when the painful bits are so bad, it makes me wonder if it's all really worth it. I couldn't do that to my family though. I know I'll just probably end up living an average life and hopefully not be in too much pain for most of it.


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Jul 12, 2011
Hi both! Hope you’re well

these behaviours are so controlling they are doing it because it’s controlling same with silent treatment.

lemon tree we sound incredibly similar! Except you’re a girl and I’m a boy I often think about living in my car and surviving like you have described I defo think it’s doable, but why should you

the thing is you’re unwell so your behaviour won’t change it’s how your brain works and he’s triggering you, I appreciate you love him what I’ve realised is we don’t like change but sometimes when it’s forced upon us you realise the situation you were in was toxic and inadvertently it puts you in a better place big hug to you both hope you both feel better :hug:

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