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Just want to empty some thoughts



New member
May 4, 2021
Hello, well it's my first time posting something on a forum... just wanna post it here cause sometimes, things are difficult, but those difficulty are what make people who they are. I wish i could be someone else, but it can't be and i am glad.
Till now, my life was for the other, i dedicated everything for my familly but they aren't on my side... Now for i have found someone who i want to share my life with, no one is with me, they keep saying i am fool, i only have girl in my head, i only think bout myself, am egoist...well a lot of things and words. But well it's alright, i am used to those sort of things, because my life is not in my palm... my girlfriend, the girl who is the one which won my heart is playing with me... i really love her and she say the same to me, but sometimes she keep liying to me, but the thing is i have all of her passwords and usernames, i saw a lot of things, and she was cheating on me a lot, she broke my heart, she lied to me to spoke with another guy... and now she is liying to me saying it is her cousin friend... i know the "her name" i see with my eyes, but i don't know anything about the "her name" who lies to his supposedly boyfriend... i am someone who isn't worthy for her cause i doesn't exist when she talk to other guys... but if i tell her that, she will go on a rampage and trash talk me... cause she is the good one and i am the bad one 😊!
But well, if things go wrong... well i had already planned to be a loner for the rest of my life, i have nothing to lose anyway cause by the time she will stab me hardly, my heart will die and i will forget everything...
Well yeah, it's weird, but i can't do anything bout that, and i have a feeling that something is blocking me from building my life, and it's hard... really hard :) ... I just want everyone to be okay and succesful in their life ^^


Well-known member
Feb 27, 2020
Nashua NH
Hi Pim, welcome to the forums. I’m really sorry to hear that your girlfriend has been messaging other guys. That seems like a terrible thing to do especially when she knows how much you care about her. Are you thinking of breaking things off with her because of it? I’m sure your family would come back to support you if this is what you chose to do. I’m glad you were brave enough to post your story here with us. Please let us know how we can be of further help. xo, j


Active member
Mar 24, 2020
Hey there! Welcome. I hope you're doing better. Just stay strong and choose to be happy despite of all the negativity around.

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