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Just some things I've been going through.



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May 3, 2020
I would like to clarify that I haven't been diagnosed with OCD but something is terribly wrong.

Things I've done experiencing over a year and a half or so:

- Paranoia
- I honestly think someone will hack into all my social media and pretend to be me and ruin my image to all my friends with slanderous lies
- I've started engaging in dermatillomania but I've been a scab picker my entire life
- I think once I get to heaven, God is going to make fun of me in front of everyone.
-Every time I open up about my mental health, my brain thinks I'm lying YET when I don't open up, I know that I'm really experiencing these things.
-I can convince myself of anything, no matter how ridiculous.
-I've somehow convinced myself I'm a bad person who doesn't deserve friends or anyone.
-Last year, I thought that in order to make everything go away, I needed to leave the country. If I left the country, things would get better. I can't stay in America. That's something I believed.
-Even if I know something for a fact happened, I second guess myself. "Are you sure?" "Maybe it happened this way." "Maybe you were the bad guy."

These things happen everyday. As I said, I'm not diagnosed with OCD but I know something is wrong. I've always known I've had some sort of anxiety disorder. Maybe you think I'm delusional but I know me. I know something isn't right. Thank you for listening.


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May 3, 2020
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Ive been doing a lot of research into OCD and i would look into PURE-O, theres a misconception about OCD and that you usually has physical rituals but PURE-O is all the obsessive thoughts and feelings we have in our mind.