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Just sharing my experience



Nov 18, 2018
Hi, I'm new here I just kinda wanted to share what sorta stuff I usually am dealing with. I'm depressed essentially all the time, I obviously have some days but usually, my happiness is really just me being distracted from my depression. I have an unsupportive family who I can not tell about any of what I deal with so therapy and doctors have never been an option. I've been dealing with depression and anxiety and suicidal thoughts since middle school. I joined this forum because my boyfriend did some research and thinks I'm bipolar, though I would never diagnose myself. Things have been fairly okay recently, but the smallest of things can completely change my mindset and leave me feeling horrible for days. I tend to get very low and depressed for a good period of time and for about a day or so I'll start to feel ambitious and motivated and optimistic, but then I'll go right back down for another few days or longer. I started feeling suicidal in middle school but it went away for a pretty good amount of time, but now it's come back but worse and there was no event or anything that triggered it. Sorry if this is long or didn't make sense, I've never done anything like this before I just felt like I should share and my bf really wants me to


Well-known member
Jun 23, 2016
Hi and welcome your post made sense Thisnis a good chat room for depression if your feeling low
Depression understood chat.
Hope you find the forum helpful