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Mar 17, 2015
Hi all,

First time here - or on any MH forum so hi. Hope everyone is doing well.

I'm currently caring for my wife - she has a history of anxiety and depression. She has been depressed 4 times since we've been together (12 years) and has a background anxiety that ebbs and flows normally.
She's struggling at the moment as she has recently come out of a very bad work situation. She had found a great part-time job but it turned out that her boos was a sociopath who pretended to be caring, supportive and thoughtful but was actually playing with her, trying to cut her off from friends and trying to get her into bed. Luckily he didn't succeed and my incredibly brave wife left her job a few months ago.
Since then she has been incredibly anxious and has been supported by the local MH team. She was speaking them regularly and was on propranolol and zopiclone to help her sleep. She was doing well but obviously the zopiclone is only short term so the MH doctor prescribed Mirt 3 weeks ago. She is now on that but really struggling. She is sleeping but not always soundly. She is feeling lethargic and where she was motivated to help herself before she now struggles to do anything on her own.
We have 2 kids so having them around is great because they force her to get up, get out etc but its very hard.

I'm finding it increasingly hard as I worry about her and worry about the kids when I'm at work. I worry about leaving them with her and I worry about her being on her own, but I also have to work. I'm worried that this is coming between us and that I can't support her through a mental health problem again. It's doubly difficult as her sociopath boss also spent 18 months driving a wedge between us where she did not spend much quality time with me and spent hours texting, emailing and talking to him even when we were on holiday (without me knowing). I just want to rebuild our relationship but it feels like we are drifting.

I'm sure we can get through this but don't know where to turn for help and it feels more difficult than the other times. Maybe we need to give the Mirt more time, or maybe its the wrong thing. Maybe I'm not even the right partner for her. I just don't know really.



Nov 25, 2014
I found mirt crap at lifting my mood but helped sleep initially, three weeks isnt long, have they increased dose?
Maybe its time to get a baby sitter and go out for a meal together spend some time trying to reconnect.