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just need a bit of help



New member
Mar 26, 2010
hi everyone i'm new to this and just wanted to introduce myself,i have not been diagnosed with any condition but i am convinced i have some sort of condition because i am now turning into a wreck again.i find it hard to discuss my problems and experiences in any form of order and would be grateful if people would ask questions.i have seen counsellors in the past for depression and have suffered with that since puberty i have even been admitted to hospital for overdoses and spent 3days in a phsych ward i have had medication mainly antidepressants but never stayed on them for long and counseling never got past 2 sessions ,recently i have been prescribed diazepam,sertraline and tramadol.but my husband says im not getting any better.so thats why im here to try and get an objective view point on what are my real issues.sorry if this sounds confusing im very confused!!!


New member
Mar 26, 2010
thank you

thank you i hope over the next few weeks at least i can talk about my (issues) without feeling judged or embarrased.....
todays issue i woke up this morning in an normal sort of mood it was payday today and i had tried to avoid the local gambling establishment but it won at about 4pm this afternoon i feel so dissapointed i had taken steps by avoiding going out of the house and banned myself from the online site but i did it i spent all of my wages my husband doesnt know and i dont feel i can tell him ive started gambling again.i have tried like mad to keep myself occupied today although i havent actually finished anything i started today and i started so many jobs around the house because i kept getting distracted by something else i may be waffling at the moment but it will all become apparent over time that my mind is far from mundane,,,,,,
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