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just learned about ARFID and it makes total sense now



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Nov 3, 2020
I'd previously only heard of anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder but now learning that avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder is a recognised condition has given me some hope that i can actually get help from an ED clinic for it.

I have no interest in losing weight, and am ashamed to see the rapid weight loss that has occurred in the last few months since this horrible cycle started. It's all related to anxiety and sensory issues as i cannot stand the taste or texture of most foods these days, and the feeling of anything in my organs is incredibly uncomfortable for me.

My main anxiety symptoms are digestive troubles to this only adds to my fear of food as i don't want to provoke this by eating. The logic behind it is if i don't eat then i've got nothing inside me to give me anxiety shits. Gross i know but it's the miserable fact of the situation and causes me endless torment as i've had toilet anxiety for most of my life and feel disgusted by it. My constant paranoia of needing to use the bathroom anywhere outside of my own home is preventing me from being able to do anything or go anywhere or eat enough for fear of it going right through me.

The smell/sight/taste of food triggers me and not getting enough food is taking its toll and leaving me physically exhausted and moody. I've been put on fluoxetine for anxiety a week ago, which has so far only amplified my symptoms and made me suicidal so my doctor has switched me to sertraline now, which i'm gonna try and power through and see if i can cope with the adjustment period.

My doctor's logic was that if i go on antidepressants then my mood will be better and i'll be less anxious but i don't think she fully understands the torment of having health anxiety over medication side effects. Even if something didn't naturally give me side effects, i would worry myself into getting effects from it just out of anxiety. The fact that anti-depressants take a while to start working and how often "it gets worse before it gets better" just causes me more stress. I sought help from a doctor because i am at the end of my rope and desperately need a solution but with no quick-fix medication available for anxiety i'm shitscared that i wont survive the adjustment period and end up doing something stupid just to make it all stop.

Never the less, going to give sertraline a chance and desperately hope i react better to it than fluoxetine.


Jan 13, 2021
Definitely think you should reach out to a mental health professional about ARFID! And if needed they can refer you to a clinic for a more specialized therapist. If you have money I bet you can even google therapists near you that specialize or have good experience with EDs and email them to see if they know how to treat ARFID. Don’t worry to reach out and ask questions to people.

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