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Just joined - hello



New member
Oct 19, 2021
Morning all, just joined the forum this morning after doing some googling. I stupidly ran out of my sertraline end of last week and still haven't been able to get my prescription, should get it today but have really felt like I've been losing it the last few days. Propranolol have also always helped but I can't take more than 10mg of that just now due to breast feeding.
I have been struggling recently and not having my sertraline has made it so much worse, I've been an absolute nightmare for days and I can see it taking its toll on my partner.
Baby is 6 months and is the most amazing thing in the world, I often feel like I don't deserve him. I do pretty much everything baby and house related on my own, but I'm due back at work next month and it's playing havoc with my head. It can be a pretty stressful job, the commute is an hour Each way and I'm still really struggling to get my baby to take a bottle so I'm stressed out, not to mention I feel like I've lost half my brain cells throughout pregnancy and birth.
Of course I'd like my partner to help me out more I just don't know how to ask without it turning into an argument.
I'm scared that going back to work is going to make everything worse, I realise millions of women do it, but I am really worried about how I am going to handle it.

Have been trying some online CBT the doctor signed me up for, but in all honesty I'm not really feeling a benefit from it, if it was as simple as not thinking bad things then I would just not think bad things, which is pretty much what this online thing is telling me.
Depression/anxiety has been hanging about for 19 years, sometimes I feel like I've got a grip of it but it really doesn't take much for me to fold.

I'm unsure what the point of this post even was now, but I'm hoping I can find some solace on here.
Yetti 56

Yetti 56

Well-known member
Aug 8, 2021
Eccles, Manchester uk.
Well come to the site Pinkbear,i am sure you will receive some good advice from the forum members and also a good place to have a rant if needed, wishing you all the best.


Well-known member
Oct 21, 2013
A comet
Hello PinkBear, welcome to the forum.


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Jul 19, 2021
Pretty Good
Welcome to the forum PinkBear, I hope you will settle here as everyone is so very caring and helpful.
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