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Just Finished Getting Diagnosed and talked to my girlfriend and family



Jan 31, 2019
Fergus, Ontario
Just got my diagnosis a month ago. Spent time with both a cognitive therapist and my psychiatrist.

Biggest thing I'm dealing with and need help with is accepting this new reality. I've been running from this for a long time and accepting it is splitting me in two.

Talked to my girlfriend of 10 years for 8 hours. I feel terrible for telling her this but it had to be done. She was so accepting that it breaks my heart. I feel like I ruin everyone who I touch,

So, yeah. Feeling like shit. I understand it needed to be done in order to heal but all I can think of is that people should not worry about me and I've made their lives worse.

I hate my head.

Girl interupted

Well-known member
Nov 17, 2018
Don’t feel like shit. Your gf is probably grateful you are getting help. By taking some of the pressure off her, you did the kindest thing possible for her. And you.