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Just Diagnosed BPD



New member
Oct 6, 2018
I've just been told I have BPD (F60). I was expecting the diagnosis to be PTSD (I already have ADHD 1&2 btw).

I get ESA, but wondered if it's worth claiming PIP? Or do they tend to turn claims for BPD down.



Active member
Nov 5, 2018
Its worth trying a claim for PIP certainly if you feel you could use support for travel and self care etc due to BPD. the claim will be less about your diagnosis and more about explaining how specific facets of it affect your ability to take care of yourself. You are in receipt of ESA so I'm sure you have some idea of the hoops that need to be jumped through for the claim. There are resources online specifically for helping people with PIP claims that can be found through google and it may be worth having a look for one! Good luck.