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just diagnosed bipolar 2 advice greatfull...


gina kate

Dear All,

I cant express how i feel... little happy that i have an illness and that im not mad... and very scared...
I am being taken of my antidepressants from today.. now on olanzapoine 20mg to start with to c how i go... got to go back to c shrink mon to c if im ok.
Any advice to having this condition would be much appreciated and would love to talk to you all for support. xxxx


Jan 14, 2010
hi there!

I like you, have been recently diagnosed with bipolar (bipolar 1 tho) and although someone can give me a name for it, it doesnt stop it being really scary!!! I still have days when quite frankly i think they have made a mistake tee hee hee!! However, the medication has made me feel much better and i've recently started back at work after being off for several months due to my behaviour becoming hugely bizarre to everyone around me and them thinking hospital would be the best place for me to recover. I am taking quetiapine which I think is similar to olanzapine and lithium. I am just taking each day as it comes and being as positive as possible because if I dont do that I feel I will never move forward. I also have friends who have been very supportive. It is nice being on here and reading other people's experiences. I hope that I will be able to help others but also have people on here who I can talk to that understand what it is like a bit better. :)


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Jun 28, 2008
Yorkshire, UK
Hihi :).
Just take each day as it comes, it's a big diagnosis. :hug:

I was diagnosed little over a year ago with firstly Bipolar 1, then ultra-rapid cycling bipolar (along with other things). At first I was relieved, well to be honest I was manic & didn't believe him lol :rolleyes: but then I felt relief and then I cried because I felt so crap & isolated.
I was put on 600mg of lithium and then it was upped to 800mg and I've been on that for a year, along with diazepam for when I'm having trouble sleeping. It's been OK, everything medication works differently for different people. All the lithiums really done for me is capped the mania, I no longer feel the grandiose awesomeness I just get really p*ssy & nasty with people and the depression isn't so bad, I haven't felt suicidal in a long time, but the feelings of worthlessness are still there AND I still rapid cycle BUT there are more "normal" days now than manic & depressive. I've started reducing my meds though....... :evil: I feel fine and don't wanna be on them anymore - they were gonna take me off it anyway so I can't see there being a problem.

Anywho, sorry I'm taking over your thread :redface: I hope the meds start working for you soon :hug: