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just been told i have ocd but i always knew



Well-known member
Sep 9, 2009
bradford west yorks
what meds might i be put on? my phc told me i will get them on thursday but didnt say what? do you ever get thoughts of really wanting to hurt someone when there nera you it happens to even with loved ones i wanto hurt them and these thoughts wont go away i never act on them but its so hard not to, i have bi polar aswell which doesnt help how do you cope with the urges?


Well-known member
Nov 7, 2010
nowhere important
they just put me on sertraline for my ocd. i think it is used for ocd, anxiety and depression which seems an odd mix but i guess its anxiety related. i havent mustered up the courage to take them yet but i sure let u know when i do x
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