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Just been diagnosed



New member
May 3, 2010
Hi everyone

I am 30 years old and just been diagnosed with bipolar. I sought help from a medical professional because my irritability and short temper have ruined my life.

I have just been prescribed to go on 50mg Seroquel and as well as Epilim for a 4 week period for which the Epilim dosages increase 200mg every week from 200 mg to 800mg in my last week.

I have done plenty research on the net and to say that im scared is an understatement. Afraid of the side effects that is.
Its been a week now since my psychiatrist has prescribed this medication and i still haven't used it.

Im wondering if its worth it poisoning myself


Well-known member
Jun 15, 2008
North West
That's entirely your choice. No meds are without side effects, weight gain being the biggest one.

For me, the most important benefit of being on Seroquel has been acheiving sleep, and lithium stopping my highs. I guess a case of balancing the benefits and the side effects - other meds I have been on the side effects have outweighed the benefits, but these seem to be the meds I am best suited to. Would rather not be on meds, but then again I can't live my life totally out of control. I am having a bit of an episode at the moment and found adjustment of Seroquel dosage has been beneficial.

I hope you find the right way whatever you choose

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