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just another Conversion Disorder patient that is down and out...



Hi my name is Candy
I was recently diagnosed with Conversion Disorder. I've been seeking any positive encouraging help from people who understand and know what I am experiencing. Most my family I think are to emotionally connected to me to know what to say and then the rest just plain don't understand what is happening to me so they all end up saying something that just makes me feel worse. I hope this forum will be helpful in answering some questions and just seeking some company of people who are experiencing what I am, even if the symptoms are not completely the same, CD is CD. . . :unsure:


Well-known member
Jun 4, 2010
SW England
Hello Candy,

Well, first thing I did not know what Conversion Disorder was, so I have just been reading up about it. The symptoms sound like something I had years - back in the dark ages - and I was not diagnosed as that. Panic attack was what I was told.

Anyway I am sure that there are people on this site who will understand it better than I.

Welcome to the site.