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just a bit of fun...



ok just as a bit of fun, an anger and frustration release and just letting myself go for once im going to write as if im speaking to my voice, if it was weak and had no hold over me anymore. please if anyone wants to do the same please do xD:

why are you even here? nobody wants you so you can stop critisising me at every turn. you are a bully, a vile, evil manipulative bully and if you were to take human form I would tortue you then murder you. Im not a voilent person but youve put me through hell and you deserve the same. why cant you sit still? you run around my head all day long, are you an athelete?the hearing in my right ears much better than my left so if you want to have full impact then take that into consideration next time. you didn really do your homework and find that much out about me before you barged into my life did you?!

ok i think im done for now, but theres more to come, im not finished with it yet, i could go on forever but not now


Jun 7, 2009
hang in their gmh! diddy


lol thank you both, not sure what that was all about, a mad moment :p suppose this threads always hear if i have the mad moment again
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