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Just 1 wish...



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Sep 20, 2021
If I was granted 1 wish it would be to end the suffering for everyone and everything.
Just 1 wish.


Nov 23, 2021
Milky Way
imagine how much suffering doctors and nurses see. do they learn to shut off their emotions? but i guess they have pain killers they can give people.

how do they bear it

i feel a sadness right now that i haven't felt in over 15 years. my emotions were shut off for the last 15 years and i think it was because of narcissism. but now i have no more need for narcissism so the emotions are coming back i think. and i feel so overwhealmingly sad right now. but not depressed. it doesn't feel like depression sadness. it feels like emotional sadness. this is so strange because i remember this from so long ago.
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