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Jumpy moment today


english rose

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Aug 2, 2014
I was at the bus stop today because I'd had to collect a medical certificate from the doctor (and I had to go to the practice's other surgery, not the local one I normally go to) to send to the DWP office that deals with my benefits in order for them to continue paying me ESA at the assessment rate, I'm in the process of appealing & it is dragging on, 4 months already now & I might not even be half way there, it really is getting me down.

There was this loud bang/crash - a car had rammed in to the back of the car infront, seeing as all the traffic was moving very slowly because the road was congested, it really wasn't bad at all, certainly nobody was hurt, the cars were not even that badly damaged (just the glass that protects a light smashed), nobody else at the bus stop or any pedestrians seemed bothered, I however jumped, I mean actually physically jumped, my hands went up to my ears & I think I said oh (in a shocked tone of voice), my heart-rate increased (I could feel it) & it didn't return to normal for atleast 10 minutes.


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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
Experiences like that really unsettle me too.
My startle-reflex is really strong - sometimes it's the smallest noise that will set my heart rate off the scale.
So yeah, you have my sympathy. :hug:
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