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Job or new deal



New member
Jul 9, 2009
Hi all
To cut a long story short, i have been off work for nearly six weeks with a relapse of anxiety and depression.
It is a good job assistant manager in a charity shop 14hrs paid although sometimes i might have to do full time which is voluntary due to holidays, sickness, can be very stressful which i have worked hard for.
But im finding it very difficult with the thought of returning due to them knowing about my illness.
I have no rapport with the boss and i think he dousnt like me.
I dont know weather to go back or i have another option to go on a government training sceme for people who have been signing on for more then 18 months which i have been due to the part time work but im scared because of lack of jobs around, and my cv
Very confused at the moment
Thankyou in advance


Hi Terri

I have just got a job as a part time assistant manager in a charity shop, 14 hours per week with overtime. What a coincidence hey! :)

However they should be paying me for overtime I do. Why are you not being paid for the overtime you do?

As far as your contract is concerned I think it is unreasonable for them to expect you to do voluntary work as well as your contracted hours, I'm not actually sure whether it is legal either?

If I were you, I would start refusing to do the voluntary work if that is what is stressing you out. Your contract i'm sure should not stipulate that you need to volunteer for extra hours to keep your job, especially if it is full time, again i'm not sure whether this is legal, and I really don't think they can use that as grounds for dismissal. I think if it went to tribunal that a judge would agree. I would go to the CAB and see what they say.

If you want to leave your job regardless then I would stay in your job until you find a new one, if that is what you want. Because it is much easier to find a job when you are actually in one (I used to be qualified recruitment consultant so I know this to be true). So if you want to leave, I would just do your contracted two days, don't give in if they want you to do more, and in the meantime start looking.

I hope that helps :)


New member
Jul 9, 2009
Hi Sapphire,

Thankyou for your reply, yes wow what a coincedence how are you finding the job?
I am going back to work on the 30th july and very nervous about it, trying not to let this illness beat me.
Yes i could get paid over time for extra hours but because of me claiming housing benefit due to being part time would mess everything up regarding my rent, and also i am not quite ready to do more hours then my 14 hours at present.
Anyway i am going to have a word with the area manager soon so hopefully all will be ok
I hope all is well with you
warm regards

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