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Job discrimination



New member
Jun 8, 2010
I woulv'e never believed that their is such discrimination happening against people diagnosed as schitzophrenic. I worked for the Pennsylvania State Government 2 and a half years ago. When I went to them for help with my problem because I couldn't handle multiple peoples jobs because I couldn't organize them because of my disability, they harrassed me out of my job. Since then they have blackballed me from employement by lying about me when I havent done anything wrong. Now I have them on a transcript doing it from an independant lawyer and all my personal files. I can't even get the eeoc to return my calls. Does anyone know any advocacy groups that may be able to help?



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Jun 4, 2010
SW England
Hi Ted,

I saw you had not had a reply, so just to let you know we are here. Sorry, not in the USA so I have no idea how to help though.

Napolean Today

If you've been discriminated against in a job your fortunate. In this country things don't often get that far.


Hello Ted,

Haven't had time to read about LAWs in your neck of the woods re: Discrimination.

I'd try something else...just cos I think, the conventional route may not give you the results you need - I assume it's justice or some form of compensation? Please correct me if I'm way off. As I said I'm just assuming.

I'm not a 100% on this strategy, but I'll leave it to you of course. Just an idea.

I'd contact as many media outlets as possible and publicise your news - see if you can get a some "sympathy" generated. Most Govt bodies do not like bad publicity - you're lucky it was Bush who was in power, as most media outlets tend to be democrats -(survey says).


If you get some radio time - you could ask people to come forward who may be able to help, at a cost you can afford. Most lawyers would jump at the chance of a public case. means more business in the long term I guess. Play em off one another ...

Failing that big idea.

I know of an organisation in San Fran, I think its called the Icaras Project, not quite an advocacy org, but they;re pretty radical. They have support groups across the USA. They should be able to point you in a better direction, as its their turf. The link is here:


best of luck, your journey sounds like a long one. I wish you the best of health.

keep trucking


Ted, are you receiving treatment for your condition. If so then speak to your pschiatrist about your difficulties. Or if not the pschiatrist your G.P. or a member of the mental health Services in your area. You may wish to return to your job, but i may be better for you to take a rest for a while, and then get something less stressful, even if it is just a hobby.

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