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job claims?.. help? advice?



Oct 22, 2015
Hello, kinda a newbie with forums.. So ive been struggling with severe depression, severe anxiety and ptsd. Through all this i left my last job, having constant anxiety attacks and not being able to feel mentally okay enough to go in. Then the incedent happened and i got ptsd.. Its been hard as this triggered everything off and made my anxiety worse, this means i feel unable to leave my house.. I no longer feel safe outside or going anywhere, i barely speak to anyone either as its too difficult at the moment.
I am doing CBT currently and as much as i would love to work and have an income, due to everything im going through work isnt an option right now..
I have been told by my mum that if youre 'too stressed to work' you can get benefits to help aid you until youre well enough to work. Is this true? If so, what do i do/ who do i contact?
-i am not trying to claim benefits or income just so i dont have to work i wanna make things clear, thats not what im like or would dream of doing. At the moment times are just hard and everyday is a struggle but i have to help with payments and help my mum out but i cant and just want advice or help if anyone knows?
Many thanks, disneyty x


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Jul 3, 2015
North East of Scotland
Citizens Advice Bureau will be able to tell you what benefits they think you qualify for and will help you apply. Good luck.