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Job Centre aren't too caring



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Jan 5, 2009
Llandrindod Wells, Wales, UK
Sorry about my long absence. Life has been pretty stressful and I find it very difficult not to worry a lot, which is mostly what I have been doing over the past few weeks.

At the moment, I'm on Job Seeker's Allowance. I'm about to finish a training program and I'll be back on the 6 step program. Sadly for me, my condition - which I shan't discuss for the time being as it is still being batted around by GPs with no actual diagnosis - is really putting a downer on this for me. I asked my GP to provide me a letter for the Job Centre stating that certain types of employment dealing with the public were not suitable for me. When I told the Job Centre about this arrangement, they basically commented that if I need that sort of support and guidance, and if my condition is that debilitating, I should not be on JSA. I was told to contact Citizens Advice to talk about Employment and Support Allowance.

I did some reading (something I do a lot) to calm me down (as I had wound myself up to the point of sickness) and I found that ESA comes with a whole package of support to help guide people back into suitable employment. Perfect, I thought. Upon doing more reading, I find that in order to claim ESA, you cannot be entitled to JSA. I have no idea what the means.

Needless to say - I'm here to ask for some guidance that I can't get anywhere else. I want to apply for ESA as the worst that can happen is I get put back on to JSA. What should I do? I've mulled over the issue for hours in my head and all I can think of doing is going to my GP and getting a sick note to present to the job centre. Could someone help me out? I'm in a real pickle. I fear that if I don't do this, I could find myself without money or a home very soon. I have already been told that I need to go and prove I'm still getting JSA if I want to keep my other benefits so I'm really on edge at the moment :s


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Apr 4, 2008
ESA is the replacement for incapacity benefit so may be more suitable for you.The job centre should have advisors themselves to help with this.
I hope you manage to sort this out it sounds like its becoming an obstacle course.


To be eligible for Job Seekers Allowance you have to be fit and able for any suitable work. I have a nickel allergy that prevents me from working with money and that has never stopped me from claiming in the past. However if you do change benefits to ESA and have access to the the DRO (if they're still called that) you can bypass the criteria that they lay down. And let's face it they wouldn't send an underweight person for a job a labourer so they surely have to realise that there is some sort of flexibility allowed.

I used to work for Social Security and sometimes you really want to help people and you're just not allowed to.

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