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Jealous Housemate



Well-known member
Jun 7, 2015
My housemate/friend gets very jealous and like an over protective parent over me having a boyfriend. This is the first I've had a boyfriend since we've been friends. From moment I first starting seeing my boyfriend my friend has been very negitive and picking holes in our relationship. If I'm having a general moan about my boyfriend like most woman do, he sees it as an opportunity to talk me into dumping him. We have so many arguments over him. My friend even tried to threaten him and now my boyfriend doesn't like him. I'm never aloud him round the house, even my friend threaten me by saying I'm not allowed to tell him where we live. Then told me he's a stalker and the type of guy that would sit outside our house watching us. He makes up these crazy stories to scare me into doing what he says.
Last time my housemate was very threatening rasising his voice and throwing his weight around. He tries to wear me down mentally by saying you do know he doesn't love you, you'll never have a place together , he is a compulsive lier as long as you're still seeing him I have no trust in you and I'm just as bad as him etc etc.
I'm scared of my friend coming home tonight as I don't know what mood he will be in.
What shall I do next? Shall I tell his family, shall I move out? I'm completely lost : (


Jun 20, 2015
Sky it sounds to me like your house mate is jealous,either he likes you himself and wants to split you up from your boyfriend for this reason or he is worried you will leave the houseshare and he will have to pay the rent on his own.He is being very nasty and controlling.If it was me I wouldn't stand for him slagging off my boyfriend or trying to control me being with my boyfriend and I would find somewhere else to live to show my housemate he is wrong to even think he has any influence over who you love and go out with.It is obvious your housemate is trying to sabotage your relationship with your boyfriend.If you are going to continue to share with this person you must make it clear he is not allowed to take badly of your boyfriend or lie to you about whether your boyfriend will commit to you/move in with you etc.If you stay make some ground rules and insist your housemate stick to them.I wish you the best of luck!Nikitax


Well-known member
Nov 20, 2015
Elderberry & Waffles

Sky? It's Dreambuggie? Am I mistaken?


I ought to read but got excited.
will read now

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