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I've found the cure for Bipolar



Well-known member
Apr 20, 2019
It didn't work for me and I'm a fan of broccoli! 😄


Well-known member
Apr 20, 2019
I'd probably have better luck if I put a floret in each ear and one up my @rse! 😄


Well-known member
Mar 28, 2021

What are your thoughts?

Whatever floats your boat!

I like a higher calorie cure. Ribeye steak + Sauce Béarnaise + foie gras = good mood. But my insurance won't cover, dammit.

Now you've got me all hungry, Traveler.


Active member
Aug 8, 2021
New York
I LOVE Broccoli! I’m actually more of an asparagus enthusiast but broccoli is still one of my faves lol

Lara Craft

Well-known member
Aug 5, 2021
Western cape
okay... back to the topic.

Traverler5 allow me to center myself here.. kindly explain. how? I love green veggies okay in all fairness you cannot just put such a heading and then respond with a veggie..:geek:

I mean you can and you did

I just have so many questions but for some strange reason I suddenly will be buying Broccoli first thing tomorrow and eat it.

And when I do what will make me feel better is this topic and the way you presented it!

Good enough for me:cook:
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