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I've become a philosopher...



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Apr 21, 2015
Va Beach
My Generalized Anxiety and OCD has turned me into a full blown philosopher... I just have a 1,000 questions and what ifs... Sometimes I wonder if life is just a dream... Or an illusion? Then I ask myself even if it is why can't I just enjoy the moment... The I obsess over death... I'm scared of dying... It really freaks me out... What happens during death? After death? Is there life after death? What's the point of painting your house if you're going to die anyway? Then I get extreme fears that what if I am really losing my mind and this is not OCD what if my mind is losing control and I'm going crazy? What if I go crazy and lose control of my physical self and kills myself even though that's the last thing that I want to happen!!! It's a shit ton of What Ifs!!!! My doctor put me on .5 mg of klonopin and .20 mg of Prozac I am on day 3 of Prozac... I google too much shit and I'm making myself even more crazy!!! Now I'm obsessed with serotonin syndrome... Can 20mg of Prozac cause that? I'm just really scared... I used to be a guy with no worries... Lived care free... But at the same time I was never relaxed or comfortable... I hope I can be the fun person that I once was... I miss me...


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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
It's highly unlikely, but not impossible, that you could get serotonin sydrome from the prozac you are taking.
I'm sorry if that's not the most reassuring of answers, but I wanted to be realistic. Though I would remind you that it is extremely rare.

Sometimes I get very caught up in philosophical wondering. It's very hard to articulate precisely what goes on in my mind, but it's almost as if I can see the architecture/structure of reality and I see how flimsy it really is?
Also, this reality seems very linear and I believe that things aren't really that linear - that there are layers and layers and layers to the great mystery of life and the universe.
That probably doesn't make much sense..

Anyway, it sounds to me like you have a very intelligent mind and i'm wondering if having something really academic to get your teeth into might be a good thing?
I think that if you're bright and your mind isn't stimulated, it can easily turn in on itself and cause these very sorts of issues with over-thinking.
And so even if it's just puzzle solving, like crosswords in newspapers, perhaps that would put your intelligence to use and at least temporarily relieve this anxiety?