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May 16, 2010
North London
Howdy and may I wish a good sunday morning to each and every one of you!

I am a student who's been researching the concept of User Involvement in the Mental Health Services which to those of you perhaps not so familiar with the terminology this is where Service User's play a more involved role in their own support and have their say in influencing the provision of the support that they receive.

I was wondering if any of you would like to share any of your experiences of how involved you have been in the provision of the support you need, how useful it has been to you and if you have had any difficulties in trying to do so?

Thank you in advance for sharing any experiences as they will really help my understanding of how Mental Health Services in the UK are really listening to those it exists to serve and will give me some indication of what efforts it is making to involve service users.

Ta very much and I shall now return to my marmalade on toast which has gotten cold!

(North London)



Welcome. It's nice to have a student on line.
I am a carer of a son with schizooophrenia. We discuss everything, ad as he is rather a dreamer I am able to point out the impractibilities of some of the things he would like to do. We are good "pals" and we laugh a lot together. He has had three breakdowns when he has been hospitalised, but since his father died has been a great suport and comfort to me. We "he, his brother and I" get on well as a family. His brother is married, and he has a lady friend. He has the sense to keep taking his medication, but h is memory is a bit "wonky" soeither I or his sister-in-law make sure that he has his supply.
His is a very positive case, and there are many who do not coope so welll.
I hope this is of help to you in your studies.
What are you studying and what are you intending to do when they are finished?:tea: