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its getting worse



Well-known member
Jul 1, 2020
my depression is getting worse to the point where i can't sleep anymore or concentrait, and i'm always feeling dizzy, and i think i'm hearing things and i'm scared but every time i get any ounce of sleep even if its for a couple hours during the day because i'm awake until 12:00 pm then i get a couple of hours of sleep when i do sleep i have nightmares i don't know why what if its a premonition that this stuff is happening to me, that my life is about to be over.
Fairy Lucretia

Fairy Lucretia

Well-known member
Apr 9, 2011
Magical fairy wonderland xxxx
hi what support are you getting? you really need to seek help ,lack of sleep like you are experiencing can be very dangerous for the body both physically and mentally

please contact your support person if you have one or see your gp ,please let us know how you get on
i so hope you get some rest soon x Lu x

always thirsty

Well-known member
Nov 12, 2020
i had the worst insomnia this year. EVERY NIGHT i just saw the hours pass by until i could SOMEHOW get sleep at maybe 6 am or so with a eyemask on. it was so weird. never had this problem. i'm just getting back normal sleeping patterns and i look forward to my dreams even. i'm here for you. posting is great for us. dreaming can feel great, but i hear you. since march april i've had horrible sleeping problems and i've never had any issue with that in my life. it sucked so bad, and never thought sleep would be an issue for me. just keep posting and i'll get back to you i promise.

ps - funny you bring up the concentration thing. since you got it and i do too it's not hard to connect the dots when i think about it. trouble with sleep, much less sleep than normal and i struggle to even think of the word i'm trying to express sometimes. definitely a connection huh?
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