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It's been a big loss year



Oct 21, 2019
Leeds uk
It's been a tough and troubling year , I've been with my missus for nearly 13yrs we are engaged and her family has become mine I love her children and grandchildren very much and they in return love me but we had a big loss this year , for reasons that are unknown and without any real warning hear eldest son took his own life in February he was only 33 , as well as having the depression and anxiety myself I then found myself in a position where I was no longer thinking about myself , I was only thinking about her and the rest of the family and protecting them as much as I could from the inevitable questions and greif that was to come , it was a month until the funeral was held it was the saddest day of my life I don't think there's a sadder thing in the world than a mother saying goodbye to her child , I've tried my best and she understands my illness and helps me all the way , but I know I've neglected my mental health and I feel like I'm on a big slope downwards , the cold air enters my lungs my heart starts racing I shake and I can't get the words out , I feel like I'm existing but not living I'm so tired of being the protecter , I need a break from my life or my life just might break
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