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Dec 24, 2019
United States
I don't even know if people read these posts, or how effective this is really being for me, but I am going to describe the best way possible if someone doesn't understand.

It's almost like an itch in the back of my mind, and the itch gets worse and worse before BOOM I finally try and hurt myself. I am usually pretty good at slowing the process down and the last time I actually tried to fatally hurt myself was about three years ago.

But the itch in my brain is growing, and as my feelings toward myself grows worse, the itch gets worse. I don't even care for anyone around me at this point. It's no longer thoughts in the back of my mind. I had an implement the other day, and almost did it right in front of my 12 year old sister. I haven't been able to sleep and my headaches are getting worse due to lack of sleep. But the itch is still perusing me, laughing at me.