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It will never stop



Active member
Apr 25, 2020
Everything was going fine, even perfect I was finally happy after a long time and now it comes back again.
I feel I am so alone and so pathetic by fighting against my own thoughts and I don't want to admit I need help. I have no idea who am i and what am I supposed to do here, I feel like it's too late for everything and time scares me so much I wish I could be a child again and moreover my birthday is in less than a month and I hate to see it happen.
I will never accomplish something great in my whole life I know it. And I even started feeling lonely, something I've never felt before since I appreciate my own company and enjoy being by myself.
I can even feel fictional characters judgement upon me, I imagine them making fun of me every time I cry or do/think something stupid, I am sure they think I am weak and useless because my "pain" is stupid and worthless next to real physical pain or other.
I just wish I could die already, every day is a pain again and I can't stand it anymore it's been like that for years it comes back again. I just wish I could have a sign or something like that to keep on living, I feel like even God doesn't care about my poor person.
I don't know why I'm alive.
Thank you for reading, I hope you'll have a greater life than I'll ever do


Taking a break
Apr 4, 2020
Hi Miliana

I am sorry you are feeling this way, we are here to talk to about it, we wanna offer support. Have you tried talking to someone about how you're feeling? Really sorry to hear you feel so low, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Well-known member
May 4, 2020
I just wanted to let you know that I am here fighting besides you. Together we will keep these evil forces at bay! Even through the darkest nights our lights will keep on shining, for we still believe the sun will return one day. At times the battle may seem hard, maybe even futile, but as long as we breathe we will keep on burning brightly. Until at last our demons are shed and we are once again swallowed by oblivion.




Well-known member
Jun 18, 2019

I feel a lot like you. I don't know why I was born. I am lonely and watch tv and sleep all day. I don't know how to live life. I hope things improve for the both of us.
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