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Is this Thalassphobia or Bathophobia? Both?



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May 15, 2020
So, I have this cripling fear of deepness, particularly the ocean and on-land sinkholes. Bath and pool drains and wells make me feel like I`m going to be pulled in. I always thought Thalassophobia was what it was, but seeing deep holes in the earth such as drilling holes or empty reservoirs get me just as badly as natural springs or underwater trenches. Don`t even get me started on whirlpools.
Manmade structures underwater is where my anxiety reaches it`s peak. Pipelines along the ocean floor, the bottom of ships and their propellers, any sunken wrecks, underwater buildings (example: oil rigs and their god awful Empire State Building height legs.). I game a lot, and I remember in Bioshock Infinite when you can see the plane half submerged in the water, I had to quit playing.. but looking out into Rapture through the windows wasn`t bad. I also cant swim out into the oceans in Fallout 4 either, because they`re lined with piping and sunken structures. And in "Titanic" and "Life of Pi" where you can physically see the stories upon stories of lights on a sinking ship so deep down... ugh. My stomach feels so heavy and I can`t breathe.
I also have the fear of tornadoes, not the tornado itself or it`s destruction, but the way it reaches so high up into the sky.. To be honest, it feels like I`m being sucked up into a massive whirlpool dropping out of the sky every time I see one. It`s the height of it. It`s massive. Just the way the entire sky pulls downwards into it.
I was reading about Bathophobia, and it says hallways or tunnels are included, but they don`t phase me. For me, it`s only things that ascend or descend. Looking upwards from a deep place is as bad as staring down into one. Staring into the sky has give me the panicking feeling that I`m falling upwards into the atmosphere or something.

If anyone could hlp me pinpoint which of these it is, I`d be grateful. Doubly so if anyone could share similar experiences with tornadoes.

also no, I don`t have trypophobia or however it`s spelled. Tiny holes don`t bother me!


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Apr 11, 2020
Hi Almsivi, hope you are okay?

I think it is both thalassphobia (fear of seas) and bathophobia (fear of depth).

I think it's also best to speak to a doctor about this, they will know more.