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Is this symptom caused by anxiety?



New member
Jul 17, 2019
So I am also an anxiety sufferer, and there is a sensation I'm feeling that is really irritating, so I thought I'd ask here to see if someone can relate to it or if its something else.

It began in march where I started to feel this sensation of having a hair inside of my mouth or like a small crunch. I have brushed my teeths properly, gargled water and done everything imaginable, nothing helped.
But after five days it went away.

Then in the middle of may it returned and lasted for approx 3 weeks. Whats interesting is how the sensation switches place. Sometimes the feeling is under my toungue, sometimes ON it and the back, sometimes at the inside of my right cheek, sometimes at the inside of my left cheek, which doesnt make much physical sense.

Then it went away for 1 week and returned again in mid june and has lasted until this day. I've looked inside of my mouth with good lightning and there is nothing there.

I know that there is the Globus sensation, but that is more of a lump in the throat feeling.

Any1 knows if this could be anxiety related? I know its not to google symptoms, but when I google my symptoms there are NO stories similar to mine, only thing that pops up is "lump in the throat".

Thanks in advance and hugs! <3


Jul 16, 2019
Georgia USA
I've had the lump in the throat sensation before, and it lasted for weeks. Never heard of the hair in your mouth feeling before. But it does sound like something that this Anxiety demon could easily manifest. This is the weirdest disorder. Bad news is we ARE going to die. Good news is we are NOT going to die from this BS Anxiety disorder.