Is this right?



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Dec 2, 2018

I've been suffering from depression for most of my adult life (I'm 32), feel like I'm turning into a recluse, scared to go outside.
I finally plucked up the courage to try and get it sorted by going to the GP.
He advised me to seek help with the depression and anxiety department of the NHS.
After having 5-6 sessions with an assessor I was eventually seen by a senior who quickly determined that I probably have BDD (body dysmorphia), so that's the route we went down.
On my 5th session I was given homework to go outside and be in a social environment with people.
I tried but couldn't find the courage to do it, and upon explaining this to the therapist, she said I was being argumentative and that she feels uncomfortable continuing therapy with me because "I'm not ready for change" (I feel if I'm not ready now, when will I be?)
Continuing to say things like "this therapy is proven to work" and "we expect people to just come in, do the course and leave"
I'm now overwhelmed with guilt to the extent that I feel physically sick and actually fear going back to therapy, as any questions I may ask can be deemed argumentative, the sessions will be over and I'm back to square one without out knowing what do to next.

Am I the one who is in the wrong here?
Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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Jan 4, 2013
I'm sorry this happened to you, not all therapists are good.
Sometimes it can take a while to find the right one.
It sounded like she was getting frustrated at you, which isn't on at all.
I'm here to listen.
Take care


Oct 12, 2017
First of all, I am proud of you for seeking help. I know that can be challenging to even seek help, even though that can be the first step to healing. So sorry for what you experienced. Sometimes, it takes a little while to get the right counselor. I know that the first counselor that I spoke with told me that I did not have any problems and that she did not know why I was seeking counseling. I would recommend having an honest conversation with your therapist, if not able to do that I would seek another licensed counselor. Hope that you are able to find the help that you need. Would be glad to point you to a free consultation that would find a counselor in your area.