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Is this relationship fufilling me



May 24, 2018
So as someone who has been fighting mental health for 5 years now. I found myself in a relationship. I am so happy and he makes me so happy. He treats me well and is so caring.

However I keep getting this feeling of loneliness emotionally from him. I don't think I ask for much and perhaps thats the issue. Weve spoken about how I love in a relationship and how no one loves the same way. I have taken any expectations away because I only get disappointed. But now I feel like I cant rely on him emotionally at all. Everytime I bring up something that is bothering me he begins talking about his hurt and I do take that into account and be there for him and bu the end of the discussion Im the one comforting him. And I'm left there feeling more unloved and still riddled with my hurt.

So I stopped. I stopped going to him for emotional support. Because everytime I would be left worse off.

What scares me is that with my mental health I really don't want it to take a toll on him. Or to drag him down with me. I feel conflicted because I dont know if its my mental health affecting me or is whats happening wrong.

I really wish to speak to him about this but I dont know how. Im worried he will get hurt and think he isnt good enough or something. I realltly want this relationship to work. I just don't know how or when he'll be there for me.


Well-known member
Jun 23, 2016
Just talk to him and tell him how you feel
Just be honest with him
It's ok to assert what you need
Your needs are important too
Take care of yourself