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Is this related to my severe depression?



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Nov 15, 2018
I suffer from severe depression and anxiety. Have since I was in my teens but something new has been cropping up every so often.

Occasionally when I'm doing a mundane task such as opening a letter or cutting my toenails, something like that, I suddenly get this feeling like I'm not actually doing the task. Or my movements aren't fully being controlled by myself. Or in the case of the toenails like it's not actually my toes/foot. It's almost like a short foggy feeling. I recognize it and while the feeling doesn't entirely go away for a little bit I get through it.

Edit: I also have moments where something I just did either a little bit ago or the night before, feel like they weren't really me or I think they were ages ago and have to remind myself they were recent.

For the record I've always gotten headaches but in the last few months they've become severe/nearly every day. But I think those are related to my neck and not my head. So other then constant pain I don't think that'd effect it.

Could this be an offshoot of my depression/anxiety? Or could it be something different/worse?
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Dec 30, 2017
hello it would be good if you can talk to a health professional about your issues, perhaps start by speaking to your general doctor? it is nothing uncommon what you are experiencing and there are various options available to you in order to move forwards

here is some reading for you:
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