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Is this really depression and not some weird illness?



New member
Sep 3, 2009
Hi everyone!

I have joined this forum because I think I am possibly going mad, and I really don't like talking to DRS because they have a go at me for not "helping myself" and also for being overweight.

i've known *something* hasn't been right with me since I went to college aged 16. My grandad died and I was quite self conscious about my being chubby but nothing else happened really. Anyways... I've put it down to everything from Candida to Lupus to a million other things (thanks to an alternative health clinic charging me 200 a month to cure me of "Candida"!!)
I'm starting to think... now that I am in my last yr of uni and wanted to start enjoying life... maybe this is depression/anxiety? I'm quite overweight at the moment but I've lost a stone which is good so far.

Every day for all 7 years I have felt lethargic to DEATH. I have skipped school/college/uni for no good reason, which I hate but I seem to just have no motivation. When I wake up in the morning I feel so exhausted and so...angry and disapointed about waking up that my brain just begs me to go back to sleep!! However, when I'm going on holiday or something I'm always up before my partner!!

I'm just so lethargic.. it takes me hours to shower.. then i get distracted... then I force myself to brush my hair... then i get distrated and before i know it the day is gone, not to mention uni work...

From things I have read, my symptoms sound like m.e. a bit, but I AM physically able to do some things, for instance, I have begun doing hour long body combat classes which are quite full on. I just felt a bit lethargic during the end of the class. I read that m.e. makes you exhausted.
I just feel so spaced out and headachey all the time..my blood tests are normal... mr DR just says its because of my weight but I'm not sure whether to trust him or not. I have a borderline underactive thyroid but I'm being treated for that with thyroxine. Sometimes I get the classic anxiety symptoms like the closed throat and the panicky feelings.. palpitations etc but it's the CONSTANT tension headache, dizzyness, spaced out feelings, unreal feelings and heavy head/fatigue that I can't stand anymore. Is it even worth trying to get rid of this because it seems like this is just me and I hate it. I just want to be normal!

Does this sound like depression to you or something medical? thanks ..x


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Founding Member
Dec 19, 2007
The distraction thing resonates with me. In the past I could end up on the wrong line (I know London underground well), and think 'How did I managed that?'. Not exactly the same but similar; lack of focus.



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Aug 16, 2009
m.e. symptoms

hi lionlamb, its so difficult to work out whats going on isn't it. so many possible interpretations and diagnoses; none of which has a blood test or any conclusive signs. its especially difficult when doctors are so ill-equipped or unwilling to really help.

one point i might be able to clarify - you mention m.e. which i've been having problems with for years before finally getting a diagnosis last year.

one common feature of m.e. is that you may be able to do exercise (even quite strenuous) and can feel fine afterwards too. but you might then find that a day or two later, you really start to suffer with fatigue or flu-like symptoms. this can make it tricky to spot, as you naturally fail to see a connection between being active on monday, and feeling terrible on wednesday, say.

feeling tired - in that really unhealthy sluggish sort of way, typical of m.e. - can also make you feel depressed, and this in turn can lead to other problems like social anxiety etc. just a thought.


Well-known member
Jul 16, 2009
Hi lionlamb
There could well be some underlying medical reason that doctors cant pick up.Doctors aren't gods and we really are still learning about all this stuff.It may be a combination of things and rather then blaming it on one particular thing a more rounded and holistic approach would be better.
I would look into all aspects of your life ...emotional,psychological,spiritual,nutritional,physical ect ect
There are many things at play here and its up to you to seek out the answers that best serve you.....I don't think you will find the solution in a pill that the doctor gives you.


Jun 24, 2009
Thornton, CO, U.S.
It also sounds to me like you might have sleep apnea. I'm overweight and also experience depression and 4 years ago sleep apnea almost made me kill myself. And no, being overweight alone does not cause those symptoms. However it can cause sleep apnea, which causes you to be more overweight. You could also have chronic fatigue syndrome. Coming to a forum is not the best place to get medical advice so before you go with any of our suggestions, you should go see a medical professional. If you don't trust your doctor, find another until you find on you trust. Let them diagnose you. And ask your doctor if he'd prescribe a sleep study, just to see if you have sleep apnea or not. And a real doctor should not be having a go at you for being overweight unless they can prove that alone has caused your condition. I doubt it's the sole answer.

Good luck on finding the right professional


Well-known member
Jul 23, 2009
south london,england
Hi everyone.

To the original poster- it can be a mixture of both. I have underactive thyroid gland and I'm over weight and both of then can contribute to depression.

In my view, if the doctors dont know whats causing something they alway blame two things, a persons weight and if they smoke.

I've been on thyroxine since I was a teenager, and i still get very tired easily- and all the symtoms of it!

However, I think it might be more- so original poster I thnk that you should go back to the doctors.
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