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Is This rationel or is it anxiety and OCD? Going crazy



New member
Sep 17, 2021
I have been having a very hard time lately and need help. My husband was in prison when we decided that we want a baby. In the meanwhile did I live with my male friend and we slemt next to each other with clothes on, we never had sex at all. But he have sometimes mid in the nigh give me finger and maybe dry humping (with clothes on) but I know that i did not do any of this in the period that I conceived. I had sex with my husband 26 march and in the scans it says that I got pregnant that time. I have enjoyed my pregnancy and stopped the Contact with my male friend after found out i was pregnant. But all of a sudden when I was 3 months pregnant this thought got to me and I could not let go of this! Until now! But I have never had sex with him! I dont know if this thought is rational or irrational and is anxiety and OCD? I am giving birth in two months and I want to enjoy it. Sometimes I laugh at my thought and know it is impossible but other times I cant let go.
my question is, is this OCD and an irrational thought or what? Would you worry about this or laugh? Like even though if i Think “what if he fingered me in that time and i dont remember?” But this cant lead to pregnancy unless he had semen but i never touched his penis for him to cum. Please talk to me guts I want peace and i cant speak with Anyone about this. My therapist say it is OCD but i want to hear it from you


Well-known member
Jul 19, 2021
Welcome to the forum, try not to worry as I would say the bay will be your and your husbands as you made love to your husband and not the friend. We could not diagnose you as that has to be done by a doctor or medical person. Both you and your husband enjoy bringing a new life into the world.
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