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Is this OCD?



Jun 11, 2019
West Midlands
Hi all, I have been diagnosed with bpd/eupd. I also have a eating disorder and self harm, but I also count to myself in my head. I will count roof tiles and then locate the middle one to make sure theres a equal number. I do this with lots of things, and will count the same object at least a couple of times. I have started swimming and have to do a even amount of lengths, yesterday I had to do 66 as I could not leave it at 65 and today I know I will need to 36 to make a even 100. This seems normal to me, is it?


Jun 27, 2019
Firstly, I hope you're finding relief in whatever way you choose to handle your issues. Secondly, IMHO- that does sound a bit OCD-ish.

However; It isnt necessarily a problem- unless it is. If doing things the way you do doesnt bring you any discomfort, nor does it harm any one else- I wouldn't even worry about it! Everyone has their quirks. Some have more than others. I think its more important that you do whatever you feel is necessary to get your head in a good space. If counting ceiling tiles is fun for you- do it!

Now, if these things you have mentioned are bothering you- it may be a good idea to let your PsyD know about them. There are many MANY extremely effective ways to kick OCD's butt- and your doctor should know what to do.

All the best!

ps. 66 lengths?? Thats very impressive, keep it up!