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Is this normally how counselors act?



Jun 9, 2014
I have had counselling and it didn't work out very well as she was rude, impatient and her 3 phones where constantly ringing and she was looking at them and kept losing her patience when I needed her to explain something. Then when I explained how my problems were starting to impact my work life she told me "You just need to get back on the horse and carry on" Then when the bad weather hit and I couldn't get in because the buses weren't able to drive, I got her card out and phoned her but the number wasn't a real number and so I phoned 3 mental health sections and none had her number and so I phoned the centre where I was meant to have my session and she said she was in session and couldn't take a call..... She was in session but I wasn't there and our sessions would normally last an hour or an hour and 30 minutes and there was never anybody after me waiting on all the times I went there for a session.. All my sessions would always be at 2.30pm and finish at about 3.30 and the centre always closed at 4pm. She cancelled our sessions afterwards and removed me from her list and I've never seen her since .... This was 2015.

I waited a year to see a counselor and I had just at that point gone on pills and they hadn't started working yet but during our third session she was doing nothing but talking about how I was going to stop taking pills and I got very scared because they hadn't started working yet because I only started taking them 3 weeks and when ever I tried to change the subject she would turn the subject back to me and how I would stop taking my pills.

She started off writing something down on paper and she just said "We are going to start a plan on when your going to stop taking pills" and I just froze and felt a huge heat wave going from my forehead all the way down to my back and then sweat started building and I just said "I don't know yet, I've just gone on them and they don't work yet and my doctors said they will take time to work so right now Its hard to answer"
Then she just said "It's difficult isn't it to know when the right time is? Time is very important which is why we need to talk about your future without pills" and I just panicked and said 6 months and she said "okay, what month and what date?" I can't remember what I said afterwards and I don't remember what I said.

Please can you all explain to me what exactly is a counselor because I wanted to talk to someone about all the things that happened to me in my years being on this blue marble and let out everything. Each time I tried to do this she just changed the subject to something else or ignored me and started playing with files on her computer or rearranging appointments she had booked.


Welcome to the forum, Seth. :)

I'm sorry you have had such a ghastly time with what seems to have been a thoroughly unprofessional counsellor. The definition of a counsellor is 'a person trained to give guidance on personal or psychological problems.'

Were you referred by your doctor or healthcare practitioner to this woman? If you have been then you have the right to file a complaint against their conduct. I feel you should anyway.

A trained licenced professional would no way treat their client in such a despicable manner. As I am unsure whether you are in the UK or not (you don't have to say), I strongly suggest you see your doctor, explain to them the situation and experience you went through, and ask the doctor to refer you to a liceneced professional.

Best wishes and take care,