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Is this man a Narcissist or other?

Is this man a Narcissist?

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Feb 1, 2012
I have been suffering with a difficult individual name warren in my congregation since basically 2003,
Unfortunately I confided in this person about an ex-girlfriend of mine who dumped me in 2004, after a year of Warren going of me(not wanting anything to do with me), in mind 2005 I was at a convention(remember this word) and had just gone to a ministerial servants meeting, everyone was praising my name, then when I was sitting alone Warren comes up to me and Say's "so is that old bird still chasing you", when I did not reply he added in a stressed tone "YOU KNOW the one from the caravan park" as that is where she had worked.

It was years until I managed to ask him what he meant by the question as he knew that this woman was not chasing me and was not even in the area, but every time I asked him he'd either change the subject, walk away or come up with some trivial answer like "It's just when I was a kid my mum did not look after me", or "My girlfriend was chasing me" but then change the subject again.

One day I finally decided to record his conversation, so I rang him up and asked him again, to which he replied "You know sometimes you see familiar faces" and then he'd go onto another subject, I'd ask him again and he would repeat it and go onto another subject, he's answer did not make sense because he knew she was not around the area, and had stopped chasing me, and what does seeing her in the area have to do with her chasing me.

I rang again, and asked him to explain himself to which he sighed grumpily and gave an example of some members of another congregation he met in town one day(alas familiar faces), then he suddenly cracked up at me and started abusing me on the phone, he was very religious using the scriptures to do his dirty work, misquoting them a lot too, he said he wanted this to stop, he also said I should compare myself with people in Africa who are starving and so on, when I repeated what he originally said at the convention he listened for a while then when I got to the point about the caravan park, he interruptedand said "There, SEE, Right There YOUR EXAGGERATING!", I told him I was not, and he said I was, I said no, and he said yes. Then I tried to redirect the conversation back to the original occurrence at the convention and he just said "No, NO" and I said "Listen to me please" and he repeated "NO NO!" and I said "Please Warren" and He said "NO!!" and I Screamed "LISTEN TO ME!!" and he said "NO NO!"

Anyway this stupid conversation went on for a bit till I hung up on him as he was treating me like a puppy dog that needed correcting, what I don't understand is he is a clever enough guy yet in the meetings at our congregation (or church if you will) he acts like a numb skull and friendly to everyone, but I've had the experience of hanging around with him enough to know that behind peoples backs he talks about them(or most of them, he is loyal to some, their usually the higher uppers in the church), he talks sexual things about the woman in the congregation as if there slabs of meat, but then when he's face to face with them he seems so innocent and puppy like, everyone views him as the lovable idiot in the church, yet he continues to get Jealous and Envious of others positions especially mine, so much so that he takes on responsibility's that are not assigned to him, he also loves exchanging stuff with people wine, wood and car repairs, for certain favours, sometimes though he does it for free,

Tell me it's not just me he has a problem with, and tell me there's nothing to worry about.
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