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is this hypomania?



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Nov 27, 2014
I don't know if this is just 'me' or hypomania. I know what depression is, very well but I don't understand hypomania. I'm diagnosed with bipolar disorder 2 by the way.

Last week one day I decided to get pregnant. I'm not married and not have a boyfriend. I didn't know who would be the father of the baby but this was not important. I just wanted to get pregnant and it sounded so logical and possible to me. Then same day I decided to quit my job and be a cabinet maker. I was so serious that I started to search for the materials I need, the space, people etc. I found 2 men on the internet, talked to them to get their ideas about the equipments, looked for the prices. Then called a cabinet maker in another city to ask if he can teach me some basics. I mean, I was so happy, so sure and self reliant. I had no idea about this job, I never tried to make anything from wood but I was so sure that it would be too easy.

And today I decided to marry. If it would be possible to marry on this day then I would because again I was so sure that it was the correct decision, it was so easy. If I had a problem then I would divorce. Everything was so simple. There was no need to tell my parents or anybody else, I would just go and marry. But then, in the evening, I just don't want to and I wanted my friend to leave me alone. My friend = my husband :/ (he loves me so I knew that he would say yes to me).

This is just, I don't know. Not nice.


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Aug 19, 2014
Hey blueorange,
I know this state too, a couple weeks ago I decided out of the blue that I was gonna cut my hair very short, dress like a tomboy and get a girlfriend (I'm bi). I set up an account on a dating site for lgbtq community and took an online test to clarify what my exact gender is. It all passed as quickly as it had started ; )
Maybe you should ask your friend to keep an eye on you when you're manic? To prevent some silly and rushed decisions..


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Jun 26, 2009
Sounds like it be could be higher going into mania....tell you doc and do you have anyone who can keep an eye on you?


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Jun 25, 2013
sounds like it could be... perhaps talk to your gp about this

take care

Judazz x


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Nov 27, 2014
Thanks everybody. I will ask my pdoc tomorrow. Normally I would start a new drug (carbamazepine) but I didn't that's why I hesisated in asking him because he will ask me back about the drug. I didn't start taking it because I have an important exam and didn't want to loose my learning ability which was the case with lithium. I'm without any drugs for 2 weeks I guess.
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